Academy Hockey Club High School Fall League 2018

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2018 AHC Fall League Standings:


2018 AHC Fall League Schedule & Results:

Sat. 9/8/201811amGold 8  Green (W)9SO: 3-3
NoonBlack 2  Blue (W) 6SO: 0-2
Sunday 9/9/201810:00amGold 3  Black 3SO: 6-6
11amGreen (W) 6  Blue 5SO: 4-3
Sat. 9/22/201811amBlackGreen
Sunday 9/23/201810:00amBlueGreen
Sat. 9/29/201811amGoldBlue
Sunday 9/30/201810:00amGreenGold
Sat. 10/6/201811amBlackBlue
Sunday 10/7/201810:00amGoldBlue
Sat. 10/13/201811amGoldBlack
Sunday 10/14/201810:00amBlackGreen
Sat. 10/20/201811amPlayoffs
Sunday 10/21/201811amCHAMPIONSHIP

2018 AHC Fall League Team Rosters:

Schulz Black
Bordas Black
Cox Black
Duford Black
Halverson Black
morgan Black
DelGhingaro Black
Chambal Black
Brands Black
Cameron Black
Duford Black G
Hill Black G
Morgan Blue
Yu Blue
Pezzot Blue
Haubolt Blue G
Jones Blue
Numbers Blue G
Hughes Blue
Logue Blue
Piehowicz Blue
Ciotola Blue
Wells Blue
Mikesch Blue
Augustine Green
Nevers Green
Bush Green
Gutterman Green
Mira Green
Balazs Green
Teal Green
Henry Green
Ector Green
Peterson Green G
Wagel Green G
Grunder Gold
Hayes Gold
Schivelbein Gold
Derosa Gold
Derosa Gold
Hrin Gold
Peters Gold
Britton Gold
Kallymyer Gold
Schrader Gold
Britton Gold G
Schmidt Gold G


After a very successful second year, Year Three is fast approaching for the Academy Hockey Club “High School Fall League” at South Metro Sports. We offer a great pre-high school season playing opportunity that meets current OHSAA regulations for SWOHSHL, regional High School, and USA Hockey players in fun 4 v 4 non-checking format with USA Hockey certified referees.

This program is the perfect opportunity for all high school players (and particularly new high school players) to get a feel for the speed of the high school game in a low contact environment, with lots of open ice and fully refereed games.

Our program allows all area high school players an opportunity to get in some great/fun hockey at a reasonable cost (while balancing their Fall activities) in order to be better prepared for their high school try-outs and season.

USA Hockey registration for 2018-19 is required.

Our format:
> – Academy Hockey Club High School Fall League
> – September 8 – October 21
> – Up to 5 Teams (arranged for competitive play within OHSAA rules)
> – 9 Games guaranteed including playoffs, with a 10th hockey session for all
> – Saturdays 11am, Noon start times and Sundays 10am, 11am start times
> – All games at South Metro Sports, Centerville OH
> – Open to all SWOHSHL, regional High School and USA High School Players
> – Cost per player: The same as last year!- $250.00 (a GREAT deal thanks to our Sponsors!)

Tentative 2018 AHC Fall League Schedule (dates most likely will not change):

South Metro:
–  8 Sep  Sat 11am, Noon
–  9 Sep Sun 10am, 11am
– 22 Sep  Sat 11am, Noon
– 23 Sep Sun 10am, 11am
– 29 Sep  Sat 11am, Noon
– 30 Sep Sun 10am, 11am
–  6 Oct  Sat 11am, Noon
–  7 Oct Sun 10am, 11am
– 13 Oct  Sat 11am, Noon
– 14 Oct Sun 10am, 11am
– 20 Oct  Sat 11am, Noon- Playoff Games
– 21 Oct Sun 11am- Championship Game
– 21 Oct Sun Noon- Scrimmage hour for all players, follow by Pizza Party/Season Wrap-Up
Feel free to call Bill Daniels with any questions 937-705-0500