Fixtures & Results

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Fixtures & Results

Summer Camp- July 18-21, 2016
Summer Camp- July 18-21, 2016
Summer Camp- July 18-21, 2016
Summer Camp- July 18-21, 2016
FALL HIGH SCHOOL LEAGUE: Sep. 8 – Oct 30, 2016
BLACK vs WHITE- Su. 9/11 11:00AM
SILVER vs WHITE- Th. 9/15 8:30PM
BLUE vs BLACK- Wed. 9/21 9:00PM
WHITE vs BLUE- Th. 9/22 8:30PM
BLACK vs SILVER- Su. 9/25 11:00AM
BLACK vs WHITE- Th. 9/29 8:30PM
SILVER vs BLUE- Su. 10/02 11:00AM
BLUE vs BLACK- Th. 10/06 8:30PM
WHITE vs SILVER- Su. 10/09 11:00AM
SILVER vs BLACK- Th. 10/13 8:30PM
BLUE vs WHITE- Su. 10/16 12:30PM
3rd place vs 4th place- Th. 10/20 8:30PM
1st place vs 2nd place- Thurs. 10/27 8:30PM
Skills Session #1- Sat. 10/29 9:30AM
Skills Session #2- Su. 10/30 11:00AM
Alter vs Dayton Stealth
Indian Hill vs Troy
Beavercreek vs La Salle
Troy vs Alter
La Salle vs Dayton Stealth
Beavercreek vs Alter
Dayton Stealth vs Indian Hill
La Salle vs Troy
Beavercreek vs Indian Hill
La Salle vs Troy
Indian Hill vs Dayton Stealth
Alter vs Beavercreek
Beavercreek v Indian Hill
LaSalle vs Centerville
Sycamore vs Alter
Centerville vs Alter
LaSalle vs Beavercreek
Indian Hill vs Sycamore
Alter vs LaSalle
Sycamore vs Beavercreek
Centerville vs Indian Hill

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