2017 Academy Hockey Club Champs: WHITE !

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WHITE outlasted RED 6-4 in a well played AHC Final that had a bit of everything– from a tie game well into the last period, to a live worldwide internet stream of the game on the South Metro Sports YouTube channel (Grandmas AND hockey scouts from all over the world could have watched this game).

Congrats to WHITE and all the 2017 AHC players and families for making the pre-High School season so much fun this year.  And Best Wishes to all players and their respective High School teams in the coming season!

A few looks at the AHC Championship:  First, the CHAMPS and their trophies!

Next, Number 2:

And the AHC traditional #2 trophy:

And the world wide web broadcast from the Crow’s Nest:

South Metro Sports YouTube channel link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJVG-gprjXgkTyrxCrfeGxw


AHC 2017 Fall League Rosters & Schedule

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FINAL STANDINGS (through 10/18/17):

Game : W-L-T S/O: W-L-T  Points

1st:  Red      4-2-2      4-3-1   14.5
2nd: Gray    4-2-2      3-5-0    13
3rd:  White  2-3-3     5-2-1   12.5
4th:  Gold    2-5-1      5-3-0   10
5th:  Blue     2-2-4     2-6-0   10

Playoff Schedule:
S. Metro- Sun 10/22/2017  9:00am PLAYOFFS: (3)White 4 v (4)Gold 2
S. Metro- Sun 10/22/2017 10:00am PLAYOFFS: (1)Red 13 v (5)Blue 5
S. Metro- Sun 10/22/2017 1:00pm PLAYOFFS: (2)Gray 2 v (9am winner) White 5

KRC-      Wed 10/25/2017 8:30pm CHAMPIONSHIP: Red v White


Doherty Beavercreek 12
Kosir Beavercreek 9
Duford Beavercreek 11
Schivelbein Beavercreek 10
Balazs Centerville 10
Hillard Springboro 11
Schumann Springboro 9
Schmidt St. Xavier 10
Hallock Sycamore 9
Archdeacon St Xavier 12
Coyle Springboro 10

Bovair Beavercreek 11
Pezzot Beavercreek 11
Belmonte Beavercreek 12
Meade Centerville 11
Kent Lebanon HS 11
Halverson Springboro 10
Driscoll St Xavier 12
Tiemeyer St. Xavier 9
Kossanyi Sycamore 12
Surikov Springboro 10

Kahn Sycamore 9
Augustine Alter 10
King Beavercreek 9
Gutterman Beavercreek 10
Donahue Beavercreek 12
Del Ghingaro Centerville 11
Hughes Oakwood 10
Morgan Springboro 9
Winstel St Xavier 11
Affourtit Springboro 12
Boulton St Xavier 10

Wehr Mason 11
Cox Beavercreek 9
Sanders,S Beavercreek 12
Kallmyer Mason 11
Chambal Miami Valley 11
Weaver Springboro 12
Logue St Xavier 10
Luongo St. Xavier 10
Filippelli Sycamore 10
Peters Springboro 10

Hill St. Xavier 10
Nevers Alter 10
Folga Beavercreek 10
Sanders,B Beavercreek 12
Peacock Beavercreek 12
Bechtolt Centerville 12
Britton Jr Elder 10
DeRosa Springboro 10
Meyer Springboro 11
Tooman St. Xavier 9

Rink            Date     Time   Home/Away Score
S. Metro Wed 9/6/2017    9:00pm Gold Red 0-10 SO 1-4
S. Metro Sun 9/10/2017 10:00am White Blue 1-4 SO 3-0
S. Metro Sun 9/10/2017 11:00am Gold Gray 3-5 SO 3-1

S. Metro Wed 9/13/2017  9:00pm Red Blue 4-4 SO 2-5
KRC       Sun 9/17/2017 10:00am Blue Gray 6-2 SO 3-5
KRC       Sun 9/17/2017 11:00am Gold White 3-7 SO 1-3

S. Metro Wed 9/20/2017  9:00pm White Gray 1-6 SO 2-0
S. Metro Sun 9/24/2017 10:00am Gold Blue 1-1 SO 2-1
S. Metro Sun 9/24/2017 11:00am Red White 4-2 SO 3-3

S. Metro Wed 9/27/2017  9:00pm Red Gray 10-5 SO 5-2

S. Metro Sun 10/1/2017 10:00am Red Gold 3-5 SO 1-2
S. Metro Sun 10/1/2017 11:00am Blue White 2-2 SO 3-1

KRC       Wed 10/4/2017  8:30pm Gray Blue 6-6 SO 6-3
S. Metro Sun 10/8/2017 10:00am White Red 6-6 SO 2-3
S. Metro Sun 10/8/2017 11:00am Gray Gold 2-1 SO 2-3
S. Metro Sun 10/8/2017 12:00pm Blue Red 5-6 SO 1-2

KRC       Wed 10/11/2017  8:30pm Blue Gold 2-4 SO 0-4
S. Metro Sun 10/15/2017 10:00am White Gold 7-2 SO 2-1
S. Metro Sun 10/15/2017 11:00am Gray Red 8-3 SO 4-1

KRC       Wed 10/18/2017  8:30pm Gray White 6-6 SO 2-3

S. Metro Sun 10/22/2017  9:00am PLAYOFFS: (3)White v (4)Gold
S. Metro Sun 10/22/2017 10:00am PLAYOFFS: (1)Red v (5)Blue
S. Metro Sun 10/22/2017 1:00pm PLAYOFFS: (2)Gray v (9am winner)

KRC      Wed 10/25/2017 8:30pm CHAMPIONSHIP: 10am winner v 1pm winner




Academy Hockey Club 2017 “HIGH SCHOOL FALL LEAGUE”

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(“HIGH SCHOOL FALL LEAGUE”  On-line 2017 registration IS CLOSED.)

After a very successful inaugural year, Year Two is fast approaching for the Academy Hockey Club “High School Fall League” at South Metro Sports. We offer a great pre-high school season playing opportunity that meets current OHSAA regulations for SWOHSHL, regional High School, and USA Hockey players in fun 4 v 4 non-checking format with USA Hockey certified referees.

This program is the perfect opportunity for new high school players to get a feel for the speed of the high school game in a low contact environment, with lots of open ice and fully refereed games.

Our program allows all high school players to balance their Fall activities at a reasonable cost and get in some great/fun hockey to be better prepared for the high school season!

USA Hockey registration for 2017-18 is required.

Our format:
> – Academy Hockey Club High School Fall League
> – September 6 – October 26, 2017
> – 5 Teams (arranged for competitive play within OHSAA rules)
> – 9 Games guaranteed including playoffs
> – One week night TBD 9pm and Sundays 10 or 11am (schedule subject to change)
> – South Metro Sports, Centerville OH
> – Open to all SWOHSHL, regional High School and USA High School Players
> – Cost per player: $250.00

NUGS 2017- Tryout Registration

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The Academy Hockey Club will begin operating the 2017 NUGS Pre-Post High School hockey team for higher skilled area High School players.  Tryouts are required. $50 Fee for tryouts includes all sessions.


 — Nugs Tryouts at South Metro Sports. Sat. July 22 at 9:00am, Saturday July 29 at 9:00am, and Sunday July 30 at 10:20am. Cost $50 per player (covers all sessions).
Preliminary 2017 season information:
— Nugs Practices. One Weeknight TBD 9 pm or so. Start 6 Sep ends 18 Oct.  Cost was $550 for games and practices last year, and we hope to keep costs as close to that as possible in 2017
— Nugs Home Games: 10 home games. Weekends between Sept 9 and Oct 29 morning/afternoon.

Academy Hockey Club 2017 “SUMMER SKILLS CAMPS”!

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The Academy Hockey Club is proud to announce the Summer 2017 Skills Development Camps!  Our skills development camps are an affordable, fun and constructive environment for the Greater Dayton/Cincinnati area players. This after-work hours 24-28 July 2017 opportunity at South Metro Sports is for four age groups- Mite/Squirt, PeeWee, Bantam, and High School (Midget) players in the greater Dayton and Cincinnati areas.  “Our model is simple” said Academy Hockey Club President Greg Gutterman, “we focus on max touches/repetitions, lots of enthusiasm, and lots of movement.”  Squirt and Peewee sessions are planned to consist of 1 hour on ice followed by off ice instruction.  High school and Bantam players will get 90 minutes of ice daily, distributed between skills development and small area games.  Space is limited, so get signed up today!


Mite/Squirt Camp Lead Coach: Former NCAA Div I Player Jacob Musselman
Peewee Camp Lead Coach: Dayton OH’s #1 Youth Coach 4 yrs in a row, John Sahlbom
Bantam Lead Coach: Former Div I Player Scott Mathis
High School Lead Coach: Former Div I Player and long time youth coach Greg Gutterman

Don’t forget about our complimentary Off ice instruction for Squirts and Peewees in conjunction with the camp!

Our coaches will focus on lots of touches and laughs, because “it’s always a great day for hockey!”

Coach Gutt

Welcome to the 2017 Academy Hockey Club Summer Skills Camp Registration!

July 24-28, 2017 at South Metro Sports –  Registration is CLOSED.

Squirts & Pee-Wees- M,Tu,Th,Fr 5:30-6:20pm on ice, with off ice until 7:30pm (Wed 6pm-7:50pm on ice, off ice until 8pm)-   $150

Bantam- M,Tu,Th,Fr 6:30-7:50pm on ice, Wed 7pm-8:20pm-  $150

High School (Midget)- M,Tu,Th,Fr 8:00-9:30pm on ice, Wed 8:30pm-10pm-  $175



Academy Hockey Summer Skills Camp kicks off YEAR 2!

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INTRODUCING YEAR 2 OF ACADEMY HOCKEY — a Pre/Post season opportunity for all Ohio High School Athletic Association (OHSAA) Hockey Players in the Greater Dayton Area!

Year 2 starts with our first developmental summer camp for Squirt, Pee Wee, Bantam, and High School (Midget) level players July 24-July 28 at South Metro Sports in Centerville, OH.  On-line sign-up information coming soon!

The purpose of the Academy Hockey Club is to provide an all-inclusive educational hockey program to improve the overall hockey experience for youth and high school hockey players in the Greater Dayton Area thereby creating value-centered citizenship.

The goals and objectives of the Academy Hockey Club (hereto after, Club) is to:
(1) provide Ohio High School Athletic Association (OHSAA) hockey players an all-inclusive pre/post season hockey program,
(2) provide an opportunity for, and grow, youth hockey participation in the greater Dayton/Cincinnati area,
(3) improve players’ skills (skating, shooting, passing, stickhandling), and
(4) provide a fun environment for the players to play/learn/enjoy the great game of hockey, and
(5) teach our participants life lessons (e.g. character, teamwork, discipline, loyalty, perseverance, grit, work ethic) thereby creating better citizenship.

Team White Wins 1st Place!

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Team White bested Team Silver 9-6 in a fast, exciting and high scoring game in the inaugural Academy Hockey Club Championship game on Thursday October 27 at South Metro Sports.


(1st Place trophy presented to Team White)


(Trophy for #2)

Congrats to all the Academy Hockey Club players and to all the volunteers and especially Coach Gutterman for giving 40 high school age players a chance to get tuned up for their upcoming High School hockey season.

Best wishes and good luck to all the players and their respective teams this season!


Standings: Fall 2016

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(updated: 28 Oct 2016- Final Standings)
        Points   W-L-T   SO
 BLUE     5      2-4-0   1-5-0
 SILVER   15     4-1-1   6-0-0
 BLACK    5      1-5-0   2-2-2
 WHITE    11     4-1-1   1-3-2

Date               Event                Time      Location           Score    SO
8-Sep-16 Th   BLUE v SILVER 8:30p S. METRO         3-6    3-4
11-Sep-16 Su BLACK v WHITE 11:00a S. METRO      1-3    1-1
15-Sep-16 TH SILVER v WHITE 8:30p S. METRO       2-2    1-0
21-Sep-16 We BLUE v BLACK 9:00p S. METRO        Postponed
22-Sep-16 Th  WHITE v BLUE 8:30p S. METRO         8-5     3-4
25-Sep-16 Su  BLACK v SILVER 11:00a S. METRO    0-9     0-3
29-Sep-16 Th  BLACK v WHITE 8:30p S. METRO       1-4     3-3
2-Oct-16   Su   SILVER v BLUE 11:00a S. METRO      2-4     5-2
6-Oct-16   Th   BLUE v BLACK 8:30p S. METRO         4-2     2-5
9-Oct-16   Su   WHITE v SILVER 11:00a S. METRO    5-7     1-4
13-Oct-16 Th   SILVER v BLACK 8:30p S. METRO      4-3     3-2
16-Oct-16 Su   BLUE v WHITE 12:30p S. METRO       2-12   1-4
Please note the date and time changes below:
20-Oct-16 Th   BLUE v BLACK 8:30p S. METRO          1-4     0-2

23-Oct-16 Su   BLUE 4TH v BLACK 3RD 11:00a S. METRO    5-3
27-Oct-16 Th   SILVER 1ST v WHITE 2ND 8:30p S. METRO   6-9

29-Oct-16 Sat SKILLS 9:30am S. METRO
30-Oct-16 Su   SKILLS 11:00am S. METRO

Academy Hockey Fall 2016 Rosters & Info:

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Welcome to the inaugural season of Falcon Hockey — We are absolutely thrilled to have 7 area high schools participating!!  We will have 4 teams assigned according to OHSAA rules and organized for fair play & parity: Blue, Silver, Red, White. Team assignments are posted below:

Whipple, Sr, Mason–Goalie
Wenrick, So, Troy
Marek, So, Cent
Swicki, Fr, Cincy
Sanders, Shane, Jr, BHS
Gutterman, Fr, BHS
Kaneps, Jr, St X
Hill, Fr, Alter
Hilliard, So, Sboro
Luongo-P, Jr, S tX

Bovair, So, BHS, Goalie
Winstel, So, St X
Kent, So, Cincy
Folga, Fr, BHS
Belmonte, Jr, BHS
Hoefler, Sr, Troy
Peacock, Jr, BHS
Weger, Fr, Sboro
Peters, Fr, Cent
Leisure, Fr, Cincy

Doherty, Jr, BHS, Goalie
Kosir, So, BHS
Benge, Jr, Troy
Derosa, Fr, Sboro
Surikov, Fr, Sboro
Sanders-B, Jr, BHS
Archdeacon, Jr, StX
Never, Fr, Alter
Donahue, Jr, BHS
Luongo-D, Fr, St X

Numbers, Fr, Cent, Goalie
Chambal, So, MVS
Duford, So, BHS
Meade, So, Cent
Martin, Sr, BHS
Myer, Fr, Cincy
Driscoll, Jr, StX
Logue, Fr, StX
Coyle, Fr, Sboro
Nelson, So, Troy

There are 7 league games per team and 2 skills sessions — the Schedule is already posted in another post below and at academyhockeyclub.com.

Since this is a pre-season warm up league, player safety is paramount. Therefore:
– no checking format
– 4v4 to maximize icetime/touches
– 3 min warmup, 2-20 min periods, 5 min shootout
– 2 points for a win, 1 for a tie. All games end with a Shootout worth 1 point (3 points max per game)
– last league game is 1st v 2nd (championship) and 3rd v 4th
– skills session led by Coaches Thomas and Mathis and Lantry (goalies) to complete season and get players ready for high school tryouts
– USA hockey rule book (e.g. Fighting or other match penalties mean you are out for current game plus 1 game)

Let us know if you have a question, and Remember, It’s always a great day for hockey!

Falcon’s Staff

The Academy Falcons are a not for profit organization. Proceeds exceeding reasonable operating costs are donated in equal amounts to each of the founding high school hockey teams.

REGISTRATION IS NOW CLOSED. Thanks for signing up.

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Please download, complete, and mail the following forms with payment:  Payments should be made out to “Academy Hockey Club” and mailed with all forms to 2182 Bandit Trail, Beavercreek OH 45434

Open to all area High School players With a
2016-17 USA Hockey registration # (Register here: www.usahockeyregistration.com/ )

Medical Forms & Use & Consent FormS:

Academy Hockey Club- Info

Academy Club Hockey Registration Form




Parents Guide To Concussions

The feedback is in…and we are listening!  Our SWOHSHL and USA Hockey Players requested a better balance between hockey and their other Fall High School activities.  As a result, Academy High School Hockey decided to provide a different format for the Fall League. We believe this allows players to balance their Fall activities at a much better cost AND get in some great/fun hockey and be better prepared for the season!

New format:
> – Academy High School Hockey Fall League
> – 8 September – 30 October
> – 4 Teams (arranged for competitive play within OHSAA rules)
> – 7 Games and 2 Skill Sessions (-intro night & team selection night) Guaranteed
> – Some Thursdays 8:30 pm and some Sundays 11:00am
> – South Metro Arena, Centerville OH
> – Open to all SWOHSHL and USA High School Players
> – Cost per player: $180.00

Lead Coaches: Tony Thomas & Scott Mathis, former Div I Air Force Academy Players

Teams will be set just prior to the start of play.  Tentative schedule:

Date Event Time Location
8-Sep-16 BLUE v SILVER 8:30p S. METRO
11-Sep-16 RED v WHITE 11:00a S. METRO
15-Sep-16 SILVER v WHITE 8:30p S. METRO
21-Sep-16 BLUE v RED 9:00p S. METRO
22-Sep-16 WHITE v BLUE 8:30p S. METRO
25-Sep-16 RED v SILVER 11:00a S. METRO
29-Sep-16 RED v WHITE 8:30p S. METRO
2-Oct-16 SILVER v BLUE 11:00a S. METRO
6-Oct-16 BLUE v RED 8:30p S. METRO
9-Oct-16 WHITE v SILVER 11:00a S. METRO
13-Oct-16 SILVER v RED 8:30p S. METRO
16-Oct-16 BLUE v WHITE 11:00a S. METRO
20-Oct-16 3RD v 4TH PLACE 8:30p S. METRO
23-Oct-16 1ST v 2ND PLACE 11:00a S. METRO
27-Oct-16 SKILLS 8:30p S. METRO
30-Oct-16 SKILLS 11:00a S. METRO